Where I have been

Some of you are probably wondering why I seemed to drop off the face of the Earth for the best part of a year. If I’m honest I stopped posting Juneathon updates because I just wasn’t feeling the same motivation I had in Janathon. I wanted to exercise but I was struggling to actually get out the door. The added pressure of blogging about it just didn’t help.

As we went from June through to August I slowly started to get my running Mojo back. I was signed up for the ZSL 10k Stampede, a run that started and ended in London Zoo, an one I was really looking forward to. I had a really nice run round 4 Royal Parks in London, following the Diana memorial walk route. I was signed up for the Brighton marathon in April on the assumption that I would be unsuccessful in the London Marathon ballot. It was still a struggle to get out and run some days but I had some things to look forward to.

That was all well and good but then in early September I stumbled crossing the road on my way to work. A stupid thing that I have done hundreds of times before. However this time as I staggered forward to try to regain my balance my foot connected solidly and very painfully with the curb.

I am very impressed that I managed to not swear in front of the kids on their way to school and hobbled into work and up a flight of stairs to my office. To cut a long story short I was taken to A&E and told I had broken my toe.

It took me a while to get back into running but here I am. I have had to start over from scratch, pretty much, though I suspect my body will adapt to what I am asking of it a little quicker than before. Hopefully in 4-5 weeks I’ll be back up to 5Ks and doing parkrun again and then the fun will really start.

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