The Doctor Dreams

Or rather it seems I dream about him.

No this is not going to become a regular feature but I woke up in such a good mood I had to share.

So I dreamt I was at the Welsh church helping at a rehersal for something. All seemed to be going ok when we had some unexpected visitors, two members of the royal family! No idea which two but as it was probably influenced by seeing the trailer for The King’s Speech earlier that evening I don’t think it matters. After a while they disapeared through one of the doors next to our stage that lead into one of the other church rooms.

After this a video was projected onto the stage, can’t remember anything about it apart from halfway through David Tennant was in it doing his ‘I am The Doctor’ speech. Brain goes oooh trailer for the next Doctor Who.

Next the man himself walks out of aforementioned door wearing a kilt, well he is Scottish. My brain does the most random things sometimes. And this is suddenly far more important than I’ve just met royalty.

Next thing I know he’s standing next to me in my black leather trenchcoat. I go to ask him if it’s mine and decide not to when he say’s ‘it’s ok, ask the question.’ So I do, it turns out it is my coat, one of the crew borrowed it from where I had left it apparently.

Finally he asks where the nearest Tesco’s is, answer right next door, and then asks if I want to go with him. Hmmm oppotunity to elope with The Doctor, yes please.

Funny thing is it’s not the first time I’ve dreamt about running away with The Doctor, the last time it was Matt Smith (the current one if you aren’t a fan). He sat next to me on a bus and said he liked my hat before asking me to go with him.

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  1. Skippy says:

    And at this point I should get worried… 😛

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