Task 54

Right time to kick off on my Day Zero posts. Where better to start than task 54; Listen to at least one song by each band in Amy’s great big list of goth bands

For those who don’t know I have been following Amy’s blog, The Ultimate Goth Guide, for a while now and enjoy reading what she has to say. So when I thought that I should try some new music and not just keep listening to the same old stuff it made sense to start here. So Yesterday at work I listened to the following bands;

1919, according to Last.fm this band from Bradford started in 1980 ‘and set about recording heavy, melodic, intense dance music with no frills and pretentions.’ I managed to find a few of their tracks on YouTube after trying and failing on Spotify.

As such I listened to the following tracks; After the fall, Cry Wolf, Can this be Real, Caged, Dream, Repulsion, Alien, The Scream, Earth Song, Giant, Tear Down These Walls, Midas touch, and Control. My initial thoughts were that I liked them, though they are unlikely to become one of my favourite bands. They did however provide perfect background music for work. No one has questioned my strange musical tastes so far, other than to occasionally ask who an artist is so I think I have got away with it. Will certainly be adding them to my last.fm playlist and possibly buying an album in the future.

Band number two was 19ninetynine, who after much searching I found had changed their name to terrornation. They are described as ‘an instantly accessible fusion of dirty beats, haunting vocals and grinding guitars.’ Even knowing their new name I had a bit of trouble finding tracks by them but in the end managed to listen to; iThink, Snow white Eyes, and Vagabonds. It probably says enough to say that out of those my favourite was Vagabonds a cover of the New Model Army song. I did like them but doubt I will be listening to them much in the future.

Finally was 13 candles. ‘One of the most gifted of the Dark Romantic Gothic bands from Britain in the Last Century.’ Must say I agree, listened to quite a few of their tracks; Xenomorph, Siren, Listen for the Whispers, Lost Child, Flesh of the Nazarene, Carpathian Moonrise, Woman of Dark Desires, Stranger in my Own Home, Sapphire (Queen of Dusk), Disbelievers, Join me in Death, In the Name of Darkness, Death Awaits you, Prayer of Eternal Damnation, Ghosts, Alien, The Hunted, The Hunger Within, Killing for Culture, and Lifeless Passion. Easily the best out of the three band sI listened too. Will be looking for more of their stuff in the future.

In case you were wondering when I last checked there were 1045 bands on the list so I have a way to go yet.

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