Squeezing in a run

Today was always going to be hard to fit a Janathon effort into. I was still really tired this morning so fitting a run in before work was not an option. I have a technical rehearsal after work so there is a fair chance I won’t be home before midnight so no chance of a run then. My lunch break is too short to do anything constructive and still find time to eat.

However what I did have is approximately two and a half hours between finishing work and needing to be at the hall. Please note that I also need to eat and travel to Leytonstone (anywhere between half an hour and forty-five minutes dependent on the traffic) in that time.

School was going to be open for a good while yet so figuring I could probably spare up to an hour I headed out. I didn’t know how far I wanted to go when I set out but had a vague idea that I wanted to do at least 3 miles. In the end I did 3.7. I would have done slightly further but I realised that time was getting on. My pace wasn’t brilliant but I had no idea just how many hills there were in Walthamstow. I don’t think a single bit of the route I took was flat. All in all a pretty good work out.

Now I am off to add to my efforts by clearing the stage, hanging the blackout curtains and setting up the hall. Not to mention all the mad running around, dodging custard pies and singing and dancing I will be doing on stage.

Janathon total: 19.8 miles


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