Spoilers Sweetie

I know I have been really bad at blogging lately, I started NaNoWriMo in November which ate all my time and then I got out of the habit.

I have still been reading and writing and do have a few interesting things to update you with but there is something else I want to talk about today. Spoilers.

I have recently discovered that the less I know about something when I start it the more I seem to enjoy it. Well not always, but I have been pleasantly surprised by books I knew very little about when I started reading them. A couple of examples;

  • The Bad Place by Dean R Koontz – I knew appositely nothing about this book when I started reading it. Bobby found it on a shelf in Wetherspoons and started looking at it as he had read some things by the author before. When it became apparent that this was something he didn’t want to put down we asked if we could borrow it. Our copy has no dust jacket so I knew nothing about the book when I started reading it other than the title. It was brilliant. I loved it, very dark in places but a great book.
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – I knew a bit about this book when I picked it up so didn’t bother to read the blurb on the back. As such was probably the only person in the world who was surprised by the ending of chapter 1. This is one that really got me thinking that less is more.
  • Wading Home, A novel of New Orleans by Rosalyn Story – This is another one that I knew pretty much nothing about when I started reading it. It was a cheap Kindle download, yet dispute not being the sort of book I normally read I really liked it.

So what I am I saying that I am going to stop reading blurbs and reviews and just read whatever catches my eye. Not quite. I will continue to look for new books and read what they are about before plunging in, but I will also be taking some books that have been recommended to me or just look interesting and diving in blind just to see what they are like. I will let you know how much I knew about a book before I post a review and then tell you my general thoughts before going into a more detailed review so if others want to keep some plot elements secret they can do.


If anyone has any books they would like to recommend please feel free to comment. I can’t promise how soon I will read them as my current TBR pile is quite large but I will add the to the list.


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