South Africa – part 2

Since the first day things have kind of fallen nto a routine here. We go out lion monitoringat 5:30 every morning. Check the swamps to see if it is safe for the local women to come in to gather reeds then head back for a quick break before going out elephant monitoring at about 10.

I have seen loads of wildlife here. Not just lions and elephants but mongooses, warthogs, buffalo, black and white rhino, giraffe, zebra as well as the aforementioned antelope. Also yesterday saw some monkeys hanging around camp. I made the mistake of leaving some oranges on the puicnic table outside and came back out to find one of them tucking in!

Also seen loads of birds. This place is a bird watchers paradise. Hornbills (like Zazu from the lion king), doves, rollers, kingfishers. Some of them are just the most amazing colours.

Oh and I just wanted to let you know that the park I am staying in has a webcam in one of the hides. I have seen loads of animals from there; I can’t remember the URL currently but is you google Tembe Elephant Park you’ll find it.

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