South Africa – part 1

I promised you updates and as I have been here for a week I should probably deliver.

Journey here was good though incredably long. Dispite leaving home by 3 on Thursday afternoon, I didn’t get to the park until 6 on Friday evening. Partly due to a 5 hour drive from the airport to the park. We ae in the middle of nowhere. Though that is not a bad thing. the drive was actally quie nice, I got to see quite a lot of the local country side which is a lot different to back home. Though I was reminded of Dartmoor as the local villages just let their cows and goats roam freely, even if that means across the roads. Was most amused when we got nearer to Tembe and found a road sign, ‘Beware hippo’ now theres definately something you don’t get in England!

Made it into the research camp just as it was getting dark so didn’t really see anything of the park, except some nyala, a type of antelope just as we got through the gate. I was reliably informed they are like sheep and it appears they really are. Everywhere you go in t6he park there are hundreds of them.

Went out for my first monitoring session the next morning, exciting. Several of the lions in the park have radio collars fitted to help track their movements. Picked up a few beeps but didn’t see any lions, however did see a huge bull elephant. He was just standing calmly at the side of the road and didn’t seem  bothered by us at all. Really wish I’d thought to grab my camera before going out. Also saw lots of antelope of several different varieties and a black rhino. the more endangered of the two types.

More soon…

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