South Africa – part 3

Right so this is offically my last full day in Tembe, then I go to Cape Town for a week for a tour round the Western Cape.

So what has been happening here. Loads. Last Thursday was probably the best day so far. We saw so many animals. Antelope, monkeys, including a type I have never seen before, loads of birds (there are so many birds here, apparently most of the ones found in this region can be seen in the park), lots of zebra, warthogs, lions, buffalo, 4 white rhino, elephants. In fact one day, it may have been Thursday I can’t remember, we saw three breeding herds and a bull elephant at the water hole all at the same time, thats a total of twenty eight elephants all in one place!

Other cool things I’ve seen are a suni, also known as a Livingstone’s antelope, the smallest one in the park and very endangered, two side-striped jackals, a crocodile, several different types of mongoose, wild dogs and puppies, and on Saturday we saw a lion that the park had no record of. It had been missed when they logged all the others.

For those asking I have taken loads of pictures, over 400 so far and wil upload some as soon as I can, this computer doesn’t seem to want to let me. Miss you all and wish you could have come too. This place is simply amazing.

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