So close

Back in December notmuchofarunner conducted an experiment to see if staying out to the wee small hours at his work Christmas party would affect his parkrun performance. If you didn’t see it his results can be found here.

This morning I conducted my own. After clearing the hall we ended up in the pub until they kicked us out and I crawled into bed about 2 this morning. I was then woken up at 7:30 by Laura telling me it was Friday. In my drink-muddled state I believed her. Though I must say that suddenly thinking that you are late for work does seem to wake you up far more effectively than any caffeine.

The wind was really strong this week so a PB probably wasn’t on the cards but I gave it my best shot anyway. About halfway round my legs started complaining about the number of miles I’d done this month but I pushed on anyway. As I finished my second lap I thought that if I pushed I could match my PB. I tried but it was not to be. The wind was just too strong and I was too tired.

So back to the important question as to whether staying up all night drinking hurt my performance. My last three parkruns have been done in 28:03, 29:57 and 28:52. Giving me an average time of 28:57. Today I ran it in 28:33 (according to my Garmin the official results aren’t out yet.) I think that is a significant improvement. Interesting

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  1. Helen says:

    I’m sure there is something in running the day after a night on the sauce…my 10 mile PB was run after a day in the pub.

    Great run!

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