Setting out

After an appalling week for running I am now on my way. I had intended to set out for Rivendell on Thursday last week but due to work Christmas parties, panto rehearsals and a million and one other things I needed to do that never happened.

So Monday I slipped on my trainers and headed out for the first time in a week. Not a great start I had planned to do two or three miles just to ease me back into it. I did one. I got just over a mile and felt light headed so I just turned round and went back. I also set out a fair bit faster than I intended as due to the wind I couldn’t hear my Garmin beeping at me. Ended up doing that mile a over a minute faster than planned.

Tuesday I decided to try again and headed to the park. That way I thought I can either do two laps or three dependent on how I feel. I managed two laps and then got a stitch so headed home. Still better than nothing.

So that just leaves today. I am pleased to say that today I stuck to my plan and did 5 miles. Yes I ran the furthest I have ever on Christmas Eve. Go me. No I am not hardcore enough to go running tomorrow, though I will try to squeeze a quick one in on Friday before we go to see my family.

Now according to my chart I have now left Bag End and should be looking back at the lights of Hobbiton before they disappear in the hills. As it was daylight there weren’t many lights but there were hills. This route did seem nicely slopey in places.

So stats;

Mile 1 11:00
Mile 2 11:26
Mile 3 11:13
Mile 4 10:53
Mile 5 10:58
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