Earlier this year I realised that although I have never been fat certain parts of me were getting a little, shall we say jiggly. I decided that I needed to do some exercise. As long distance running was the only sport I had ever been good at, and by good I mean that without any training I still managed to get a reasonable place when we did cross country at school, it seemed perfect for me.

Since the start of my summer holidays, so mid July, I have been running three times a week. With the exception of the two or three weeks I couldn’t run because I twisted my ankle, trying to run on the campsite at Greenbelt, stupid I know. As of last week I can run 3.5km without stopping, pretty impressive seeing as when I started I couldn’t run for a bus. In fact, as those of you follow me on Facebook will know, on Sunday I competed in my first race since school. 3km, and although I didn’t win, or come close, I am pretty proud of the fact that I ran the whole thing. I set a time of just under 18 minutes and came in 140th place far from last. |n fact, when I checked later I was 24th for the women competing, results can be seen here.

So where do I go from here. I have no intention of stopping running, in fact I want to run even more. My next goal is to find a 5km race, then a 10km. I just love the feeling of achievement I get when I do something like this. I know people say that no one enjoys running but there are times like this when I really do. I just hope that I can now keep it up through the winter, that is going to be my next big challenge.

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