Running Home

So last night as I went to my parents after work. Rather than take a bus, like I normally do, I figured I would try to run it. According to Google maps my route, which included a slight detour to avoid the local south form kicking out as I went past, was approximately 3.5 miles. If I take off a little bit for a warm up and cool down walk that is roughly 5km, also known as the furthest distance I have run to date.

The first hurdle came in that it wasn’t dark when I left work but I knew it would be by the time I reached my parents, so I was left with three choices;

  1. Put my high-viz on now and look a bit of an idiot
  2. Get run over by drivers, and fellow pedestrians, who didn’t see me
  3. Attempt to put high-viz on whilst running

As choices 2 and 3 weren’t really an option I went with the first one and set out. Hurdle number two became apparent when I put my rucksack containing my work clothes on and realised it weighed roughly the same as a small child. Why do these things seem so much lighter when I am wearing them? Why? Plus it was a cheap rucksack from Tesco, with at least one seam being held together by safety pins, so not the best choice for running in.

Anyway the weight finally got to me somewhere between 2 and 2.5 miles. I can’t be bothered to look it up on Google to find the exact distance. Not what  I wanted but still good considering. I am now left with an interesting decision to make, do I try this again on Friday, preferably with lighter work gear, or do I go along to my local ParkRun on Saturday instead. I’ll let you know how I get one either way but I will attempt this running straight from work thing again at some point.

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