Reliance on Technology

This was not the post I was going to write today. Then something happened. I set out for my run as normal but Mr Garmin was really struggling to pick up a signal. I’d gone through two songs on my phone and nothing. Yes I remembered my headphones today.

I tried switching it off and on again. Possibly making the situation worse. It certainly didn’t make it better. In the end bored of standing around on street corners I started running anyway. Finally it picked one up. Though how accurate it was from that point I can’t say.

The time was I wouldn’t have cared how fast I was going I would have been happy to just get out there. Other days I possibly could have got by without it. Today I had planned to do a tempo run. Trying to stick to a specific speed is kind of hard when you  don’t know how fast you’re going.

Funny isn’t it that you never need all these gadgets until you get them and then suddenly you can’t manage without them.

Janathon effort: 5 mile tempo run, plus half mile-ish trying to get signal.

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