Red and black week- accessories

So this is the first day of Sophistique Noir‘s red and Black week challenge. The aim, all post must be of a dark theme, though not necessarily goth and must feature black and red in some way.

So to kick off, this is what I wore to church this morning.


What you can’t see in the pictures is that I am also wearing my black and red stripy tights and red patent New Rocks. Also the collar has a series of red movement sensitive LEDs all round it.

Red black week icon

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6 Responses to Red and black week- accessories

  1. Corin says:

    Wow, you really wore this outfit to church? Does everyone feel there approve of your style? I love the look!! The red/black top hat looks amazing with your hair color.

    • loupie says:

      A few people have given me disappoving looks but other people have complimented me on stuff I’ve been wearing so I guess it’s swings and roundabouts. I am aware I have been incredably lucky ith churches though

  2. The flower in your hair and lipstick are well-coordinated. Too bad about not seeing the tights and the shoes, but the dress is making me envious! >:-)

  3. OMG, I LOVE that hat! It’s too adorable for words. 🙂 Beautiful dress!!

    Thank you for joining in for Red & Black Week. I hope you’ll be posting more throughout the week! 🙂

    Sophistique Noir – Red & Black Week

  4. SiouxsieL says:

    Red patent New Rocks sound awesome. Love the bracelets and, of course, the tiny top hat is fantastic.

  5. Sada Vee says:

    Just gorgeous! And I love that the choker has LED lights!! Great look.

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