Red and black nail polish tutorial

So what better way to celebrate red and black week than with my very first tutorial. Firstly  know this isn’t great, I did try it once before and it came out much better. Secondly I would like to appologise for the really bad iphone pictures.

Anyway Black and red marbled nails, I can’t remember where I forst heard about this concept but I have heard it mentioned in a few places. It is certainly not an original idea.

This is what I used to achieve the look

IMG 0209

Firstly apply a base coat of clear nail polish.

IMG 0211

Then apply one or two coats of red

IMG 0215

When that is dry add a couple of drops of black nail polish to a container of water.

IMG 0217

Dip each finger into the water through the black

IMG 0218

You should end up looking like this

IMG 0220

The surrounding mess can be cleaned up with a bit on nail varnish remover on a cotton bud

IMG 0225

I then finished off with a top coat of clear glitter, but that didn’t come out on the pictures,

Products used

– natural collection nail varnish in crystal clear

– Rimmel 60 seconds polish in Rapid Ruby

– Mabelline express finish laquer in onyx black

– CK nail varnish in sheer sparkle

Red black week icon

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2 Responses to Red and black nail polish tutorial

  1. What a great tutorial! I’ve heard of this process but never saw the exact steps. The photos are very helpful, too. I love the end result!

    Sophistique Noir – It’s Red & Black Week!

  2. SiouxsieL says:

    I’m totally trying this! Looks awesome.

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