Primrose hill

Right time for another London’s Dead post. Primrose Hill in Camden, opposite Regent’s park is one of the highest points in London. It was also somewhere I wanted to visit as a child as it played a key role in one of my favourite books, The one hundred and one dalmatians by Dodie Smith. For those who have not read the book Primrose Hill is where Pongo and Missis stand to alert other dogs of their stolen puppies via the twilight bark. Personally I much prefer the book, it’s a lot darker than the film, though it’s Disney what do you expect.

Anyway that’s not why I visited there this weekend. No I went because Primrose Hill was where in 1678 the body of Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey was found stabbed with his own sword. Godfrey was a well known magistrate and friend of diarist Samuel Peyps. Apparently he had been warned a few weeks earlier by Dr Israel Tong, a Presbyterian minister, and Titus Oates, an unfrocked priest of a Catholic conspiracy to replace Charles II with the Duke of York (later James II). Godfrey began investigations into this but was murdered, possibly in Somerset House on the Strand. A catholic sliversmith, Prance, later confessed to being hired to carry out the deed.

Also in 1820 there were plans to turn the area into a massive cemetery which could hold 5,000 bodies, however locals campaigned agaist this and it has remained a public park.

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