Parkrun in the Rain

As last night’s panto rehearsal over ran slightly I didn’t get to bed ’til past midnight last night. This post is also late up as I have been at set building all afternoon.

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That didn’t stop me getting up bright and early to go to parkrun this morning. Well early at any rate. The fact that I forgot my barcode, realised at the end of the road and sprinted the 100m or so back to get it rather than just carrying on without it probably tells you how well my brain was functioning this morning.

I got to the park with seconds to spare so ended up jogging across the wet and cold football field to the start. Got there just as they set off.

I didn’t have time to turn my Garmin on before we started and it was taking it’s time to pick up a signal so no splits today. Which is a shame as I think they would have been interesting. I think I did my usual of starting out too fast and slowed down as I went round, though I can’t have been the only one as I caught up with a couple of guys who started off just in front of me and then gradually got further ahead. I’m glad though, as trying to keep up with them is what really got me round the last kilometer.

In the end no PB but I didn’t walk any of it, which is more than can be said about last time, and it wasn’t my worst time so I’m happy with that.

28:52 which is less than a minute slower than my PB. Also saw me finishing 26th or 5th female and I was first in my age category (out of 2). Full results here.

Janathon total for today: 3.1 miles (plus the little bit to get to parkrun)
Accumulative total: 12.1 miles


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  1. Helen says:

    Nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self promotion!

    And well done on the parkrun.

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