Park Run

As I said last week my next big challenge on the running front was to run a 5km race. No I haven’t achieved that yet but I have learnt some interesting things. Firstly I found this post on Lazy Girl Running about the cost of entering events where she talks about a 5km race costing £38.50. I know it’s a few years old and I’m not sure if it still like that but that is a ridiculous amount to have to pay to race. For comparison my cost £9.50 including the timing chip. It was starting to look like I wouldn’t find a decent race anytime soon.

Then I discovered Park Run. It seems they run events all over the world where all you have to do is register and turn up. Sounds good I thought, ok so I don’t get a shiny medal like the one I got for my 3km, but it’s still a race. What is even better is it seems that they meet every Saturday in the park I have been training in already. A mere 5 minute walk from my house. I really have no excuse now, well maybe not wanting to get up at 9am on a Saturday, but other than that.

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