The best laid plans…

All day I have been trying to convince myself to do the 5 mile tempo run I had planned. Arguments ranged from, ‘if you do it today you won’t have to tomorrow,’ to ‘you really should try to burn off those two slices of lemon drizzle cake you had at break time.’

When I got in I really was ready to go for a run. I was going to get in get changed and get out again. Not check my emails, check facebook, stroke the cat etc.

So why is it that today is the day I come home to find that the upstairs flat’s washing machine has gone wrong and flooded our kitchen. Don’t worry nothing was too badly damaged but after having to mop the floor, completely empty the cat tray, move stuff out of the way of the water and wait for Laura to speak to the upstairs landlady my 5 miles were pretty much scuppered.

audiofuelKnowing I’d only have time for a short run I tried to make the best of it and did the Audiofuel pyramid program again. Found it more challenging than last time, but that is probably because I’m still a bit tired from Sunday. There were a few bits of walking but on the whole

I’m fairly pleased with my exertions. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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As I was still a little sore after yesterdays efforts and I had to stay late at work today a short recovery run was all I felt like when I got in.  The plan was just to do a slow 2 miles round the block. However no one seemed to have told my legs this as they kept trying to run at race pace again.

After one mile I was really starting to feel the miles I had done and towards the end I was really glad I had opted for a short one. It seems like Janathon is finally catching up with me. I can’t give up this close to the end though. Less than a week to go.

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Victoria Park 10K

This morning saw me getting up at a stupid time for a Sunday so I could get across to Hackney for the start of the Victoria Park 10k. We saw some other people heading to the start when we first got there and I chatted briefly with them.

My first port of call was to go to the portaloo. Turns out that it was a great decision as when I came out quite a queue had formed. Collected my race number and had the usual faff putting it on but then I was all set.

There was a slight delay in us setting off but they kept us updated. We were also reminded to secure our numbers on all four corners and to double knot our shoe laces. The person stood next to me summed it up when she just replied; “thanks dad!”

Much like Helen reported last week there was no gun or anything that I could hear just everyone started moving, slightly annoying but still. The course itself was three laps and wonderfully flat. The kilometer markers were clear, and the marshals friendly and encouraging.

My aim was to finish in under an hour. So I was delighted with my time of 57:50. I also managed negative splits all the way round, something I don’t think I’ve ever done before.

Collected my goody bag (there wasn’t a medal in mine at first 🙁 I had to go ask for it) and then went back to cheer a lady from my local parkrun over the line. Then we took a nice wander down to Stepney for a well-earned Wetherspoons breakfast.

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Slow and Steady

Despite having a 10k to race tomorrow I still made it to parkrun this morning. I had planned to use this as an extra tempo run and I am quite glad I did. Much like a couple of weeks ago there were patches of ice on the course and the wind was bitterly cold. Had I been trying to race it I would have been disappointed with my result. As it was I skipped over the line ahead of target and even finished second female (most of the fast people weren’t there this week) in a time of 29:14.

This afternoon I went with Laura to something that has become a bit of a tradition between us (twice counts as a tradition right?). Which was to walk the course before I run it tomorrow. It does help when running in an area you’ve never been to before to have some idea where you are going. We saw lots of runners, we asked one girl who had stopped if she was doing the 10k tomorrow but it seemed that today had been her very first run. I hope I sounded encouraging when I told her to keep it up. Random girl if your reading this, I really did mean it, you did great.

So all that remains now is for me to turn up and run now. This will be the furthest I’ve ever raced. Wish me luck.

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Pain in the…

On Wednesday I did some core exercises for the first time in I can’t remember how long. Not surprisingly yesterday I ached, not a huge amount but enough to feel it in my legs and arms. Though once I got out for my run I didn’t feel achey I felt strong. I felt like a proper runner going at my faster pace rather than just pootling along.

Today I had a definite ache in my left hip that didn’t go away. I noticed it on my way to work and it is still twinging now. Right up until the point I got out the door this evening I was debating if going for a run was a good idea. I have a race on Sunday I really don’t want to make it worse.

There was one silver lining though, I had noticed that it hurt more when I had been inactive for a while, so going for a run might actually do it some good. That and it is still Janathon so if I didn’t run then I would have needed to find some other form of exercise. But having read this;

No excuses. He’d promised himself that. No excuses. No excuses at all. Once you had a good excuse, you opened the door to bad excuses. – Sam Vimes, Thud!

by the amazing Terry Pratchett I wasn’t really in the mood to make excuses. So I got out there and I ran, not particularly far or fast, but I ran. Another 2 miles done. Only 9 more days to go.

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Tempo run

Tonight I went out for my last tempo run before I do the Victoria Park 10k on Sunday. Yes I’m nervous I’ve never raced 10k before.

The run itself seemed to go ok, though I was a little behind pace on the last two miles. I think that is because I had more roads to negotiate in that section, if I had turned auto-pause on I might have done better. Still it seemed to go well and I found it less hard that I thought I would to keep up the pace so Sunday should be a good run.

I know this post is kind of boring but there really isn’t a lot to say. It was one of those runs where not a lot happens. I didn’t even see any other runners.

Today’s total: 5 miles

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Running to the Core

Although I have been running every day this month one thing I have been neglecting is my core and upper body strength. Tonight I decided I really needed to do something about that so after my 2 mile run I did another 20 minutes of push ups, crunches, squats and weights. Just hope I’m not too sore tomorrow.

Janathon totals

Running: 67.6 miles
Core training: 20 mins

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Going the extra mile

This evening was interesting. Hadn’t gone very far when I bumped into a man walking his husky coming the other way. The dog was clearly excited and the man started saying to me; “don’t run, don’t run.”


Yes I did slow down until I was past but I am still not happy about it. Why should I have to stop running. It should be your responsibility to control your dog. Not having it on an idiot flexi-lead would have been a start. Or at least making some effort to reprimand it. Failing that if you know it’s going to be a problem then don’t walk it when there are going to be runners around. If I was out a lot later I could understand it, but it was 6pm when I left the house. Did see two other runners when I was out. Neither high-fived me though.

Training plan had said to do two miles. I was feeling brave and did three.

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7 miles

As you’ve probably managed to figure out from the title of this post I did 7 miles today. Normally on my longer runs I have been running over to Ally Pally and back but today as it was dark when I went out and I really couldn’t face that hill I decided against it. Instead I ran my 5 mile loop and then the 2 mile one. A few small slopes but mostly flat.

What can I say. It felt great. There were a few moments when I wanted to stop. Running past the end of our road where the two laps met was hard but I kept going. I didn’t stop either, well only occasionally to wait for the traffic lights to change. Not to get my breath back or because I needed to find a tree to hide behind. Also felt good enough to pick up the pace a little for the last mile. I just hope I’m not too achey tomorrow.

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It’s cold outside

We had the final two panto performances yesterday. They seemed to go well. Though I did manage to loose not one, but two props down the smallest gap on the stage. One of the girls from school also came to see it. It seems that you don’t even need to have your own children to embarrass them.

Anyways that meant a run this morning was out of the question as I was good for nothing. Laura had an appointment this afternoon so no chance then either. In the end it was around half eight when I set out. It was cold to point of there being ice on the cars. I could even see a few stars, which being that I live in London will give you an idea as to how clear the sky was. Also had big clouds of steam in front of me every time I breathed. Though I don’t mind this. It makes me feel like a dragon.

It did give me a chance to try out some new kit though. When we were in M&S I noticed that they now do sports range. So I thought I would give them a go. Bought myself some running tights, a three-quarter sleeve top and a thermal top all in black of course, though one of the tops has some blue panels.


Really liking them so far. I was impressed at how warm they kept me. My lower arms were slightly cool but given how cold it was out there that is pretty good. My biggest complaint it that they don’t have a pocket for my phone but I can always get a separate holder for that. I’ve only been out in them once and I don’t really have any experience with running kit but so far I’m happy.

Janathon total: 55.6 miles

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