Back on the roads

Tonight I went back to running on the roads.I have pretty much been sticking to laps of the park since Hackney Half. Tonight I completed my 2 mile lap round the block.

I suppose I could have gone further but it was really warm and I was tired. Though I have decided on another goal for Juneathon. I’m going to aim to increase my mileage each week throughout June. I don’t know if I will actually achieve this but I like having something to aim for.

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Juneathon day 2

It seems the World is conspiring against me at the moment. I tripped on the way to work this morning, which in itself wouldn’t have been too bad, but as I had my bag on the opposite side to normal to avoid hurting my strained shoulder I completely over balanced. I ended up doing a sort of very ungraceful ninja-roll onto the pavement and grazed both knees. I suspect it looked quite impressive.

Still when I got home from work I dragged my butt to the park for a quick Audiofuel session. It wasn’t the best I’ve done, I didn’t quite make it to the top of the pyramid and walked a bit more than I normally do but still 2 miles is 2 miles. I have decided to repeat the session every week now until I can run the whole thing so at least I have something to work on.

Either way I got to see the baby cygnets in the park. It was a bit too dull to get any pictures though so here is one I took around this time last year.


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A start

The first day of Juneathon was almost off to a bad start. I had planned to use it as an excuse to adds some weights and core exercises to my running but it was not to be. I have somehow strained my right shoulder so that every time I move my arm I can feel the muscles crunching. Not good.

Still this is Juneathon and excuses will not be tolerated so I still went out for a three mile run round the park. It was cold and wet but still kind of nice. I got to see the little (or now not so little) goslings and something is still better than nothing.

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Bees but no Pees

Part of me really didn’t want to go to parkrun this morning. I woke up and really didn’t want to get out of bed. Though I am glad I did go in the end. Partly because I really haven’t been running as much as I should since the Hackney Half. I no longer have any races on my calendar so I have nothing to train for, therefore I am only going running because I want to. I am hoping that Juneathon, Janathon’s warmer cousin, starting on Monday will kick start things a bit there.

Shortly before we were due to set off this morning something unusual happened though. Someone spotting a small swarm of bees on the grass opposite the finishing post. After some curious looks from some of the runners we put some cones round them and tried to keep the path clear so people wouldn’t disturb them.

No PB for me this week but I did get to see something I have never seen before. Didn’t have my phone with me so I couldn’t take a picture for you but it looked something like this (source):



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Hackney Half 10.05.15

The 10th May was a date I had had in my calendar for a good while. As soon as someone at parkrun had mentioned the Hackney Half I knew it was a race I wanted to do. I signed up as soon as the site opened, before they had even finalised the date.

In a slight break to tradition we didn’t walk the course the night before, though we did work out how to get there and do a trial journey to see how long it would take. I’m quite glad we did in the end as we got a little lost and had to double back to find the start.

The morning journey went a lot smoother. So smoothly in fact we ended up getting to the race village a good 2 hours before the start. Still it gave me a chance to catch up with a friend from parkrun, use a portaloo (twice) and get my bag checked in without feeling rushed.

Start pens were a new experience for me, and once again I was glad we had got there early. I managed to secure a space at the back of the 2 hour pen without much trouble, though within about 5 minutes a small queue had formed of people trying to get in.

When I set off Laura headed off across the village to try and catch me when I hit the road and I started shuffling towards the start line. Despite my Dad’s comments that it would take me 20 minutes to get over the start it only took just over 9 minutes and I was off.

The first few miles went brilliantly. Negative splits are not something that comes naturally to me so I tried to set out at a steady pace in the hopes that I could keep it up. Having lots of other people to follow also helped.

Someone had told me before I started that one of the great things about Hackney was the atmosphere and I do have to agree, I had never run a race like this before. There were people cheering us on all the way round the course. A few even cheered me on by name, which was nice.

At mile 9 I was starting to flag a little, I had been on track for a sub-2 hour up until that point but it was not to be. Even spotting Laura, my parents and sister was not enough for me to keep it up.

As we can round into the Olympic Village, and uncharted territory for me in terms of distance and I really started to feel tired. I really wanted to stop but just kept pushing. Mile 11 was possibly my slowest round the whole course but I kept going. I couldn’t be one of the people who were walking so close to the end.

As I came back to the main road for the final push I did indeed find my second wind. I powered round to the end, past my cheering family, and crossed the line with a smile on my face and feeling incredibly proud of what I had achieved.


I may have fallen short of my 2 hour goal but my final time of 2:04:17 is still pretty phenomenal for a first half, and it was faster than the half my dad ran when I was a baby so I don’t think I have anything to be ashamed of.

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My first half

I’m back, yes I know I haven’t blogged since January. Without a monthly challenge to keep me going it seems I’m not very good at it.

Anyway tomorrow I run my first half marathon. I’ve done the training now to see if it will pay off. One thing I’m nervous about is having to run 2.1 miles further than I ever have before though I suspect I’ll cope.

I would have done a 12 mile run on Monday but at nearly mile 7 I tripped, tried to fly, failed miserably and scrapped my left hand an right knee to bits on the pavement. They are healing up now and I did do an experimental run on Thursday just to check they still work so I should be ok, but it does make me a bit nervous.

I will do a full write up of the race when I’m done I just wanted to put this out so that anyone who is still following me after the long hiatus would know what was happening. I can do this!

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Janathon 2015

Parkrun this morning was lovely. It was snowing lightly when we left the house but it had stopped my the time we were ready to start. To later be replaced with beautiful blue skies. Still pretty cold though. I started off pacing another woman who wanted to get sub-28 minutes, though near the end of the first lap she needed to stop to take her jacket off and told me to go on.

I was close to another PB but just couldn’t do it at the end. I was 5 seconds off though so it’s not that bad. Laura did treat me to a nice vegetarian breakfast in the cafe afterwards where we got chatting to some nice parkrun tourists so it was definitely a fun morning.


As today is the last day in Janathon I thought I should look back on the month and see how it has gone.


My efforts this morning have taken my total mileage up to 105. To put this in perspective I started logging my miles in October last year, my total for October, November and December combined was 124 miles.

My shortest run was 1.6 miles, in fact there was only one other run that was also under the 2 mile mark and that was 1.9 miles. All the others were 2 miles or more putting my daily average at 3.39 miles.

I beat my PB for longest ever run on three separate occasions. Before Janathon the longest distance I had done was 5 miles. This month I managed to run 6, then 6.2 and then 7 miles. I even managed to do 7 miles on two separate occasions.

I smashed my parkrun PB. It was previously 28:03, it now sits at 27:16. I also managed to make it to parkrun every week, whereas previously I have been a little hit and miss in my attendances.


I ran my first 10k race in the brilliant time of 57:50. A feat that I can certainly say was helped by the amazingly flat course. I also managed negative splits for the first time ever.

I absolutely obliterated my run streak. My previous best was three days. My body is certainly feeling the effects of thirty-one days of jogging, blogging and logging but I am very happy. I am also pleased I kept up the blogging. For me that has almost been harder than the running. In the end only one post was up late and as I wrote that at 7 the next morning it wasn’t that bad. Given that I have previously failed to blog once a week it is a phenomenal improvement. So thank you Cathy for organising it

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Descent into Madness

Work was hard today. It was just one of those days where it didn’t feel like I stopped. I was exhausted when  left and even texted Laura to ask if she would mind if we got a take-away tonight as I couldn’t face cooking. I got in and all I wanted was a nap.

Why then did I find myself filing up my camel back, getting changed and heading out for a 7 mile run. It was never going to be easy. A distance I have only ran once in my life (also in Janathon), after 30 consecutive days of running. No chance.

I was a bit achey when I set off though that faded as I went along. At 3.9 miles I tried Abradypus‘s trick of thinking it’s only a parkrun left to go. At mile 6 my period, which arrived this morning, great timing, decided to make its presence felt. With less than half a mile to go my legs really wanted me to stop. I pushed and I did it. I felt dead at the end but I did it.

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Nearly there

For the first time this year I forgot to blog. Whoops. The rules of Janathon do state you have to do it within 24 hours so I’m hoping this is ok.

Yesterday wasnt brilliant for me. I was still rather achey after Tuesday and Wednesday’s efforts. A quick 2 mile recovery run was all I felt I could manage. Even that was a bit of a struggle. My pace was all over the place and I don’t think my heart was really in it. Still I can tick the box to say I ran so there was some point to it. Only two more Janathon runs to go!

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Decisions decisions

All day I have been debating if I should do a 5 mile tempo run or a seven mile run. There were pros and cons to both and whichever I didn’t do I would do on Friday.

In the end after hanging around chatting after work and faffing around when I got in it became apparent that the tempo run would be the better use of my time. It was freezing when I headed out and the wind chill just added to that. Generally I am not a big fan of tempo runs. I understand the importance of them it’s just I am not very good them.

Tonight seemed to be different though. After my warm up mile I seemed to hit my stride though. It was hard and I really had to push for it but for the first time ever I finished my mile dead on pace rather than slower. The second mile was a few seconds slow but I think that was more to do with having to slow down to cross more side roads in that section. The last mile was back on pace.

I even managed to get back in time to meet Laura from work, something I haven’t managed to do at all so far this year. I finally feel like I;m getting the hang of this running thing.

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