New blog direction

As is rather obvious I am not very good at regular blogging. The last post on here is well over a year old. I thought about what I could do to change things and the idea of having a more themed blog appealed  to me.


The only question was what my theme should be. I went through several ideas in my head, I have numerous interests I could write about, but it obviously had to be something that I knew I would stick with, something that I love and don’t really need an excuse to talk about. Then I remembered the one thing that I love more than almost anything else in the world. Books!


Quite frankly, I adore books! I own several hundred, many of which are still unread, yet will still need to be dragged past bookshops, especially second hand ones! I also managed to have a book fall in my trolley when I was in Sainsbury’s yesterday. As far as I know I have always loved books, my mum informs me that even before I could read I used to take a book to bed with me instead of a teddy bear. As such they make the perfect subject for me to write about.


At the moment I have no plans to be more specific than that, I will just write about what I own, what I have read and plan to read, and maybe some stuff on writing as I try to do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) each year. I know there are lots of good book blogs out there, and a load of book blogs on YouTube too, but that just means that apparently people are interested in this sort of thing. I know I always find myself looking at other people’s bookcases, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Please bear with me as I find my feet and hopefully I will have some more interesting things to say soon.

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