My first parkrun

This Saturday I managed to get up in time to compete in my local parkrun. I hadn’t bothered to set an alarm the night before but when I realised I was awake in time got out, wolfed down a couple of slices of toast and was off.

As I have said before, our local parkrun is only 5 minutes from the house so even though I didn’t leave until 8:45 I was still in plenty of time and the brisk walk there made for the perfect warm up. Chatted to a couple of the marshals briefly and a lovely woman who asked what time I was aiming for, 30 mins, and then told me that she always comes in last.

A quick reminder of the route, three laps round the perimeter of the park, and we were off. Didn’t take me long to find my stride and we were away. As we rounded the lake on my first lap I leapfrogged a young boy a few times before he finally overtook me for good, but mostly once we had spaced out there was very little overtaking. Apart from the super fast guys who lapped me.

As we finished each lap I ganged at my watch to check I was on track and plodded on. Despite most of the last lap being spent going; ‘just to the next tree… the next bench…’ and so on. As I rounded the corner towards the finish I found I could put in an effort and sprinted over the line. Something I had tried and failed to accomplish at my 3k race in September.

Afterwards got chatting to a few people. got told I’d run really well and picked up a few tips about future races.

I was rather delighted with the results when I checked them later. I thought I had finished within half an hour but as I was using a analogue watch it was hard to be sure, but my final time was 28:03. A time that put me in 27th place overall (out of 39) and for the female runners 2nd! (out of 8) The fastest female was 10 and only beat me by about 30 seconds. I had seen her up ahead but hadn’t been quite able to catch up.

Will definitely be going back and trying to shave those pesky three seconds off my time.

Full results can be found here.

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