My Birthday Weekend

For those of you who don’t know the 2nd of this month was my birthday, so I am now 23, so old!!

Unfortunately its also the weekend of the bogle stroll. So I spent the Saturday marshalling the event. Oh well. I got to see some people I haven’t for a while.

Though I did also discover that weekend that I have some very good friends; Manda and Dave adopted me my very own bat. Its so cute. Whilst on the subject of cute Emily and Glenn also got me the cutest little werewolf puppy I have ever seen. He is called Lycan and is now sat on my bed, keeping Vlad, the large vampire bat from London zoo, company. Everyone was admiring him at Kryptorium that evening. For those who don’t know I am also a werewolf, well according to Sicillian folklaw anyway. All those born under the new moon were, so I guess my nickname isn’t as strange as it first appears. In fact some countries have the same word of werewolf and vampire so I think it is rather appropriate!

Skippy, being the wonderful person that he is bought me an MP3 player, which is really nice, thank you hunny, and then put the first 6 Harry Potter books on it for me! Only got as far as book four so far though

Then Sunday we went to the London Dungeon to celebrate, if you haven’t been its worth a visit, though be warned it is a little gory if your not into that sort of thing. Meant we could meet up with Esme from Wrecked though which was nice. I also managed to get a pair of fangs, haven’t tried them out yet, but I will hopefully wear them to the VC meeting at the end of the month.

I think thats it. Oh and we met the nice people who were in front of us in the queue for the Harry Potter 6 midnight release in front of us in the queue at CCK! That was quite a bizare moment.

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