Little Stoke parkrun

So I haven’t blogged in ages and I will do a proper update post soon to explain why and where I have been but first I wanted to talk about this while it is still relevent.


I love parkrun. I think it is a great concept. I love the idea that as long as I can get up early enough on a Saturday I can have some company for what is usually a fairly solitary hobby. I have a means to measure my progress and encouragement to push myself to see if I can shave a few seconds off my PB. (Chasing a 10 year old round a park seems to work wonders for getting my speed up, behaviour that I would not repeat outside of parkrun.) Most importantly it’s a chance to catch up with some lovely like-minded people.

This is why it makes me sad that the very concept is being threatened. Don’t get me wrong I can see both sides of this argument. As parkrun becomes more popular it will have an impact on the upkeep of the paths. On the other hand if they do charge for the use of this particular park it sets a precedent for other councils to do the same.

I just hope they can come to a conclusion that works for everyone as I would hate to see this disappear.

parkrun’s official statement on this can be found here and if you want to read about my previous parkrun adventures click here

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