Juneathon day 2

It seems the World is conspiring against me at the moment. I tripped on the way to work this morning, which in itself wouldn’t have been too bad, but as I had my bag on the opposite side to normal to avoid hurting my strained shoulder I completely over balanced. I ended up doing a sort of very ungraceful ninja-roll onto the pavement and grazed both knees. I suspect it looked quite impressive.

Still when I got home from work I dragged my butt to the park for a quick Audiofuel session. It wasn’t the best I’ve done, I didn’t quite make it to the top of the pyramid and walked a bit more than I normally do but still 2 miles is 2 miles. I have decided to repeat the session every week now until I can run the whole thing so at least I have something to work on.

Either way I got to see the baby cygnets in the park. It was a bit too dull to get any pictures though so here is one I took around this time last year.


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  1. Helen says:

    2 miles is 2 miles and bonus points for the ninja roll I reckon!

    Hope the shoulder feels better.

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