Juice and piercings

As those of you who also follow Skippy‘s blog will know this week we are attempting Jason Vale‘s 7lb in 7 days juice diet. For those of you who have just read that and panicked, no I am not doing it to loose weight, in fact the programme is designed that you will only loose weight you need to loose. Skippy has already blogged all of this in much more detail so go check it out if your interested.

Anyway as I am on a completely liquid diet this week (til Monday) I thought it was the perfect time to get the tongue piercing I have been thinking about for a while. Pictures will follow shortly as soon as the swelling has gone down a bit, so in a day or two I guess. So far it is not hurting as much as I expected, certainly a lot less than other piercings I’ve had, and the strangest bit is just getting used to having a piece of metal in my mouth.

If anyone’s interested in this sort of thing it was done at Cold Steel in Camden, who also did one of my top ear piercings and Skippy’s one and who we would most definitely go to again.

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