Janathon the first

So it is the first day of 2015. Which means it is the first day of Janathon.  Strangely I’m feeling rather excited about this.

After running 5 miles on Monday. I would have done it today but I am going to my parents soon and knew I wouldn’t have time. I was nearly at the end of the first day for the hobbits. As I have been trying, not very successfully so far, to link my runs to Lord of the Rings I decided that today needed to feature a fox. So I did 3 miles that took me up past a local (ish) pub called The Fox.

It was supposed to be an ‘easy’ run though I’m not sure I would call it that.

Splits were;

Mile 1 11:01
Mile 2 11:04
Mile 3 11:14

Janathon miles: 3

Miles to Rivendell: 19

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