Janathon 2015

Parkrun this morning was lovely. It was snowing lightly when we left the house but it had stopped my the time we were ready to start. To later be replaced with beautiful blue skies. Still pretty cold though. I started off pacing another woman who wanted to get sub-28 minutes, though near the end of the first lap she needed to stop to take her jacket off and told me to go on.

I was close to another PB but just couldn’t do it at the end. I was 5 seconds off though so it’s not that bad. Laura did treat me to a nice vegetarian breakfast in the cafe afterwards where we got chatting to some nice parkrun tourists so it was definitely a fun morning.


As today is the last day in Janathon I thought I should look back on the month and see how it has gone.


My efforts this morning have taken my total mileage up to 105. To put this in perspective I started logging my miles in October last year, my total for October, November and December combined was 124 miles.

My shortest run was 1.6 miles, in fact there was only one other run that was also under the 2 mile mark and that was 1.9 miles. All the others were 2 miles or more putting my daily average at 3.39 miles.

I beat my PB for longest ever run on three separate occasions. Before Janathon the longest distance I had done was 5 miles. This month I managed to run 6, then 6.2 and then 7 miles. I even managed to do 7 miles on two separate occasions.

I smashed my parkrun PB. It was previously 28:03, it now sits at 27:16. I also managed to make it to parkrun every week, whereas previously I have been a little hit and miss in my attendances.


I ran my first 10k race in the brilliant time of 57:50. A feat that I can certainly say was helped by the amazingly flat course. I also managed negative splits for the first time ever.

I absolutely obliterated my run streak. My previous best was three days. My body is certainly feeling the effects of thirty-one days of jogging, blogging and logging but I am very happy. I am also pleased I kept up the blogging. For me that has almost been harder than the running. In the end only one post was up late and as I wrote that at 7 the next morning it wasn’t that bad. Given that I have previously failed to blog once a week it is a phenomenal improvement. So thank you Cathy for organising it

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  1. Great improvements. Well done! 🙂

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