It’s cold outside

We had the final two panto performances yesterday. They seemed to go well. Though I did manage to loose not one, but two props down the smallest gap on the stage. One of the girls from school also came to see it. It seems that you don’t even need to have your own children to embarrass them.

Anyways that meant a run this morning was out of the question as I was good for nothing. Laura had an appointment this afternoon so no chance then either. In the end it was around half eight when I set out. It was cold to point of there being ice on the cars. I could even see a few stars, which being that I live in London will give you an idea as to how clear the sky was. Also had big clouds of steam in front of me every time I breathed. Though I don’t mind this. It makes me feel like a dragon.

It did give me a chance to try out some new kit though. When we were in M&S I noticed that they now do sports range. So I thought I would give them a go. Bought myself some running tights, a three-quarter sleeve top and a thermal top all in black of course, though one of the tops has some blue panels.


Really liking them so far. I was impressed at how warm they kept me. My lower arms were slightly cool but given how cold it was out there that is pretty good. My biggest complaint it that they don’t have a pocket for my phone but I can always get a separate holder for that. I’ve only been out in them once and I don’t really have any experience with running kit but so far I’m happy.

Janathon total: 55.6 miles

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