Inspiration From Buses

As Mr Garmin (I know he needs a more original name) is now behaving himself this is the post I was going to write yesterday.

When I was walking through Walthamstow bus station last night I saw this;


Yes it is about London buses (when they’re not on strike) but my first thought was Janathon. It’s quite inspiring to think that every day this month there is someone running, be it early morning or late night. For me I have another panto performance tonight (nearly over :() so it was just a quick 2 mile recovery run round the block but it’s still nice to be reminded that we are part of something much bigger.

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  1. Catherine says:

    It is nice to think there are people all over the world Janathon-ing, especially when you seem to be out all on your own in the blizzarding snow. Or making you feel guilty when you are contemplating slacking 🙂

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