Hills and Deer

Firstly apologies for yesterdays slightly confusing post. It was written in rather a hurry and kind of shows it. The gist was that I ran 3 miles yesterday and 5 on Monday (though those ones don’t count for Janathon.)

Right now that is out of the way on to today. My training plan said that today should be a six mile run. Which those of you who have been following me will know is the furthest I have run, ever. So after faffing on Google maps for a bit to work out a route I ended up deciding to run to Alexandra Palace and back. According to Google 3 miles each way. Perfect.

I scribbled the directions down and set off. There were a few places a got confused. Including one point when I thought I had gone completely the wrong way and doubled back before realising that no I was just reading the wrong line of instructions and carrying on. But mostly there were no problems.

Until I got over the railway line that is. I knew Ally Pally was on a hill. I have walked up it more than once. I even watched the fireworks from there at New Year two years ago. What I had forgotten was how steep a hill it was. I actually had to pause half way up it just to get my breath back. I did get to see the deer when I got to the top though.


Unfortunately they were all rather far away so the picture I took wasn’t very good. So Google to the rescue again. (source) The way back was a lot smoother and mostly downhill. Though I was starting to flag a bit by this point.

The other good thing about today is it let me try out my Christmas present from my sister properly. A Eurohike Hydra Pro rucksack. I found it so much easier that trying to carry a bottle of water and once it was strapped on I didn’t really notice it. So thank you.

Mile 1 11:01
Mile 2 11:06
Mile 3 11:13
Mile 4 11:40
Mile 5 11:23
Mile 6 10:54

So apart from a blip when I hit the soul destroying hill, not bad.

Janathon total: 9 miles

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  1. Helen says:

    I think I know the hill of which you speak. *shudders*

    Great running!

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