Goals for 2014

I know this is a bit late going up but I am still not very good at this blogging regularly thing.

As such I am not going to set myself very many goals for this year, I’ll only end up feeling bad when i don’y hit them, or I will feel too constrained by what I am reading, or need to read.

This year I will be attempting to read 100+ books like I have done for the past few years. I have made a good start on that and hopefully will be able to keep it up. I am also trying to read a wider variety of books, which again I have already made a good start on. I will not be reviewing every book I read on here, for a variety of reasons. Some I don’t think other people will find that interesting, like the one I am reading at the moment about the history of the elements in the periodic table. Personally I think it’s great, other people probably not so much. Others might be sequels that I don’t want to review unless I have reviewed the first book in the series, plus I also want to keep some variety to my reviews so I don’t want them to all be about books by the same people.

I am going to try to write at least one book review a week, and as I have already finished 5 books this year (one of those I started before christmas so it doesn’t count towards my 100+ goal) I have a good head start on that too.

Other things I am going to try to do are monthly wrap ups, so you can see what I got finished in a month, and see just how random my reading life is, and anything else that catches my attention and I think fits here. So I am aiming for a minimum of a post a week but there will hopefully be more.

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  1. Lily F. Bentley says:

    The history of the elements sounds interesting to me! What is the book called?

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