Getting out there

Today was pretty much a day of excuses. I went back to work after the Christmas holidays. I was still a little tired from yesterdays efforts. It was cold. It was dark. Its opening night for the panto on Friday so injuring myself now would be really bad.

Despite all that I still managed to get out. My legs were a little achey from yesterday’s Audiofuel session so I decided that a short recovery run was probably my best bet. So that is now another 2 miles done.

Janathon total: 16.1 miles

Those of you who have been following my journey to Rivendell will also be interested to know that I am now at the point when the first black rider appears. I didn’t see any strange men on horse-back tonight but I did run past three lads all in black with their hoods up so I think that counts.

Miles traveled towards Rivendell: 32

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