Fish Fingers and Custard

To anyone who knows me I think it is fairly obvious that I am quite a big Doctor Who fan. Following a very random discussion in the pub on Tuesday, note ideas had in the pub are rarely good. It was decided that something that really had to be tried was fish fingers and custard, as made famous by Matt Smith in his first episode, The Eleventh hour. If you haven’t seen it the clip is available on YouTube, just search fish fingers and custard.

Wednesday, when I had the day off due to industrial action at school, me and the friend who had suggested this took a trip to Tescos and tried them. Needless to say I was not overly impressed. Then again Tescos value fish fingers and cold custard are not great on their own never mind when combined together. When I went to the NaNoWriMo thank God it’s over party on Thursday and mentioned this there was general mutterings that the pub we were going to on Saturday had a fish finger sandwich on their menu as well as assorted desserts that came with custard. It was at this point I said something rather stupid. Didn’t I say that ideas had in the pub are rarely good. “I’ll try them again if you guys do.”

So with my fate now sealed it made sense to dress up and do this as properly as possible. I will happily admit that on the three times I have worn this outfit I have felt rather more mad than normal, which is not a bad thing. Sometimes I wish I had that level of insane energy all the time. Life would certainly be more interesting. Anyways I digress. Thy were a lot better this time round, probably the combination of handmade fish fingers and piping hot custard that did it, but was a lot nicer. And this time round we even managed to get photos to prove it. How many geek points do I get for this?


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