Anyone who has been reading my blog since October/November will remember my disastrous attempts at running to my parents from work.

Tonight I finally made it. It was not easy. My bag was feeling really heavy. Possibly not helped by it being freezing out and me needing to take a huge coat with me.

Slightly interesting experience as I forgot my headphones again. Don’t particularly like running without them but as I don’t wear them for races it is always useful to practice. Did mean that I could hear the comment a bloke in a tracksuit muttered as I went past. I won’t repeat it here but lets just say he compared me to Oedipus.

I got past the point I gave up last time. Got past the point I got to the first time. Made it to my 3 mile goal and realised that if I could just do another 0.4 miles I would be able to round up my Janathon total. Done and done.

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  1. Tahnee says:

    I really hate the comments from the peanut gallery – always moves me to consider violence.
    Well done on a great run!

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