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Being Different

My Kindle died halfway to work this morning and as I then found myself with nothing to read I picked up a copy of the Metro. I had a quick flick through it and found the following texts that had … Continue reading

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Red and black week- accessories

So this is the first day of Sophistique Noir‘s red and Black week challenge. The aim, all post must be of a dark theme, though not necessarily goth and must feature black and red in some way. So to kick … Continue reading

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I is tough biker kitteh

Random zero and Betty’s cat, Ratbag, sat on Skippy’s motorcycle. how is this not cute

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Things I have been called

I do have a whole list of things I want to blog about, but as I hadn’t written anything in a while I thought I would share with you some of the things that people seem fit to call me … Continue reading

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I am rather excited at the moment as Skippy has bought me a kindle for a joint valentines and birthday present. Squee. I have also now downloaded over 100 free books onto it, including The Origin of Species, which I … Continue reading

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So for those of you I haven’t told or for whatever reason don’t know I have now officially moved to the other end of Leytonstone. I’m sharing a flat with two guys. Very exciting. Though still wondering if I will … Continue reading

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Vicky’s Party

So this Saturday me and Skippy went to Vicky’s 30th birthday party. The twist, this was a jungle party. I had a great time, and I’m sure everyone else did too. Though lessons learnt of the evening; you can enjoy … Continue reading

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Jungle Party!

Skippy and I have been invited to a jungle party at the end of June. I think we now know what we’re doing but anyone elses ideas would be fun

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I have a Rabbit!!!

For our three year anniversary Skippy bought me a Nabaztag or a Wifi bunny. He’s called RoSS because he reads my RSS feeds. If you’d like to send me or RoSS a message go to the website and click my … Continue reading

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Voltaire and Voices of Masada gig

I’m still on Cloud 9 Slightly following the gig at the Purple Turtle on Sunday. For those of you who know me you’ll know I’ve been saying for a while that if I ever found out that Voltaire was playing … Continue reading

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