Camden Market

Yes this is me having a rant but I think its deserved.

I recently found out that a large portion of the Stables market in Camden has been sold off to turn into a shopping center. Why?!? Camden market holds an attraction for me because of its uniqueness. It hosts anumber of shops that aren’t found elsewhere, its also one of the few places in London I can go to without being stared at and considered a freak because of the way I dress.

So what would a shopping center mean for the area, firstly as mentioned the loss of some very unique retailers not to be found anywhere else. Secondly the shopping center area will slowly become trendy, which will spread to the surrounding area as the rent is pushed up and people can no longer afford to continue with their businesses.

The result Camden becomes inundated with stupid people who only come to point and laugh at the freaks, rather that the refuge it was before, or even worse, is lost to us forever to become taken over by big companies and mass marketing.

Although they will probably still ignore it the petition against this can be found here

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