Birthdays and Dragons

So far I have made quite a good start on my aim to run through the Lord of the Rings.

On Saturday after a panto rehearsal and set building session I went to The Walnut Tree (about as close as I could get to The Ivy Bush) for an hour or so. Then I went to a friend’s birthday party, though she wasn’t eleventy-one.

green dragonFinally last night I actually went for a run. I went to the Green Dragon and back. A four mile round trip. My longest run to date. Woo! There’s not really a lot more to say about this, other than that. The picture is not mine it was too dark to take one when I got there.

Also my mile splits are getting more even;

Mile 1 11:10
Mile 2 11:14
Mile 3 11:00
Mile 4 11:14

Can you spot where I hit the downhill section :p

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