Being Different

My Kindle died halfway to work this morning and as I then found myself with nothing to read I picked up a copy of the Metro. I had a quick flick through it and found the following texts that had been sent in. Unfortionatly I didn’t read yesterdays paper so I don’t have the full context for them but I think you can get the jist;

“Andrew, not everyone with coloured hair is an attention-seeker. I’m free to dye my hair whatever colour I want and shouldn’t have to put up with the bigotry of narrow-minded folk.” – Chris, Manchester

“Green mohawk lady, don’t let the other comments bother you. I’ve never laid eyes on you but I bet you’re amazingly beautiful.” – Purple Mohawk Bloke, Newcastle

“Happily anonymous brunette, why should people change their hair colour because other people are being rude?” – Red/Black-Haired Girl, via text

I must say I agree. Why shouldn’t we have whatever hair colour makes us feel confident and happy. I have suffered from the opposite problem to the people above and had people insult me because I have chosen to keep my natural colour. Yes I will occasionally add coloured streaks, purple and red to date, but on the whole I am happy with my hair colour. Yet I at one point when I was at university had a teenager yell after me, and I am paraphrasing here because I really don’t want to repeat what he actually said, “The carpet matches the drapes!”

People should be free to present themselves in whatever way makes them happy. Yes, I understand that there are some situations when you do need to tone it down a bit, but on the whole what is the problem with having green hair or a mohawk. Just because it doesn’t fit with other peoples, sometimes very narrow, view of what is attractive does not mean that everyone else agrees with you or that they are just doing it to get attention. When people have asked me and my boyfriend why we dress a certain way my usual response is to say, well why are you wearing what you are. Because you like it and you feel comfortable in it. It’s the same for us.

I did text a reply to the metro I wait to see if they will publish it.

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