BatFit 2015

So as an old year ends and a new one begins The Curious Professor Z has asked us to think about our goals for the coming year.

batfit 2015

On an exercise front I’m doing pretty well. I am running at least three times a week. Have two races already in the calendar for this year and have signed up for Janathon (exercise and blog every day in January). It’s pretty much everything else in my life that needs work.janathon-participant-logo

This year I intend to start trying to eat healthier. My diet is pretty hit and miss, sometimes it’s pretty good and other times not so much. It does depend on what sort of things are going on at the time. Though one area that definitely needs improvement is I am a hopeless snacker. I do snack between meals far more often than I should and not always good stuff. I did sign up to Graze to try to combat this and although I do love my snack boxes and do enjoy the healthy options I have found myself snacking on not so good things too. So this year I will make an effort to limit my snacking. Cutting back on the quantity and increasing the quality when I do indulge.

In a similar vein I really need to drink more. Especially water. I probably don’t drink as much as I should during the course of the day and when I do it is very rarely water. It is much more likely to be fruit juice, squash or coke. So I am going to make a real effort to drink more water especially when I come back from a run.

In so far as my emotional health goes, much like the Professor, I really need to sort my spiritual life out. I am a Christian but haven’t been going to church or reading my Bible or anything much lately. That needs to change. I won’t be blogging about this bit as it is very much a personal journey, but it is something else I need to work on.

Finally I want to look at my organisation. I am a hopeless organiser and again that is something I need to change. A lot of my other probelms would be sorted a lot easier if I had better organisational skills. Like the diet thing, if I plan what we are going to eat at the start of the week then we will eat healthier and probably save some money too. This is a many faceted problem and I have barely scratched the surface here but this is something that I think I need to take one step at a time.

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  1. The Professor says:

    GOOD LUCK! I’m a snacker, too. I just don’t keep anything unhealthy in the house and this usually forces me to get creative with my snacking. I enjoy a small amount of good cheese with apples or grapes. Or a healthy “chip” with green salsa.

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