BatFit 2012

Ok, so the first of my challenges I am going to tell you about is BatFit 2012, mainly because I am already slightly behind as people who have been following her blog earlier started planning for this in December. Oh well, here goes nothing.

So firstly what is BatFit. Le Professeur Gothique has set up a challenge where we all set our own goals for health and well being for the year, such as loosing weight or gaining muscle. There will be weekly challenges to participate in and hopefully making this public will actually give me the kick I need to do something. Heres hoping anyway.

BatfitRight the first challenge;

“Go out and buy yourself a notebook, journal or sketch book — anything that you’ll write in constantly. If you can’t buy something then find an old half used notebook or make a file on your computer. This is going to be your health journal and will be the place where you keep your innermost thoughts, accomplishments and miscellanea associated with Bat Fit 2012
Once you buy, make or find your journal write your first entries:
1. Write your health goals for 2012. Be brutally honest, candid and realistic about what you want to achieve.
2. Once you’ve done that, your second entry will be for you to explore the meaning of good health. What does it mean to you? How does it relate to your goals? Be absolutely realistic.
In this journal you will keep a record of your progress and daily health activities. This includes your food intake, exercise output, moods, mental state, trips to the doctor, sickness, PMS, etc. Since I’m trying to lose weight and get fit, I am going to record my food intake and will slowly eliminate the “culprits” and habits that are causing my problem. I will also keep track of all of Bat Fit’s challenges in my own journal and my own results. We all have our own goals so your journal will look quite a bit different than mine.
However, we should all write this one entry EVERY NIGHT before bed:
3. Write no less than five things that you are grateful for, or that you’ve accomplished during the day and are proud of, or that you like about yourself.”
Right ok, finding a journal was not hard, I have loads of notebooks lying around that have various half written things in them it was just a case of deciding which one to use. I finally decided on my dragon one, which despite having the best of intentions for I haven’t written in since university. Bad me. The bigger challenge was finding a working pen.
IMG 0282
So with that achieved it was time to start the challenge properly. I know there will not be enough pages to last me the whole year, but that’s ok, I can always switch to another book later, but this will get me started. So first task. Write down my health goals. Firstly, I want to generally live a bit more healthily. I am of a slim build but that doesn’t mean I am healthy by a long stretch. I eat utter rubbish and that has to change. I could also do with undertaking more regular exercise, I am hopelessly unfit, and building some muscle, my current muscles are non-existent.
So the meaning of good health. To me it is all about being able to achieve everything you want to. I know full well that being slim does not automatically equal good health, on the other side of things being curvy is not an indication of bad health either. It’s about feeling good about yourself. Plus I am looking to the future, I know my stupidly fast metabolism won’t last for ever so I am going to start eating better now so I get into good habits for when I am older. Plus, just because I don’t seem to put on weight does not mean I’m doing myself any favours in the long run. Yes there will be bad days, there always will, but this way I hope to take more control over them. Well that’s the plan anyway.
Finally I am grateful for, and no I will not be posting this every day, I just thought I should for the first one;
  1. The nice weather earlier. Yes, it was still bitterly cold when the wind picked up but I arrived early to meet a friend today and so just sat outside reading and watching the world go by. It was actually pleasantly warm when the sun came out.
  2. The good friends I have around me. You know who you are and thank you.
  3. This is going to seem really silly but, the goth scene. Or more specifically the London goth scene. I don’t get out very often, something I am planning to change, but when I do I am always left feeling like I belong. I don’t know what I would do without that.
  4. Books. I love books, I just love being able to escape into another life for a bit, what better way is there to relax than to curl up with a good book.
  5. Finally, my parents for today providing advice, a chauffeur and dinner. What more could I ask for!

So that’s my plans we’ll see how long I can keep this up.

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