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Being Marathon Ready

In April I will be running the Brighton Marathon. This will be the second time I have attempted this race, but last time I was so under-trained, it took me far longer than I would have liked and practically killed … Continue reading

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Kathrine Switzer

Something new I have decided to try it’s blogging about other runners who inspire me. There are a few I would like to talk about but I cannot think of a better person to start with than Katherine Switzer. As … Continue reading

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Where I have been

Some of you are probably wondering why I seemed to drop off the face of the Earth for the best part of a year. If I’m honest I stopped posting Juneathon updates because I just wasn’t feeling the same motivation … Continue reading

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Little Stoke parkrun

So I haven’t blogged in ages and I will do a proper update post soon to explain why and where I have been but first I wanted to talk about this while it is still relevent. I love parkrun. I … Continue reading

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Audiofuel and Yoga

LAst night I ran this weeks Audiofuel session. I did say last Tuesday that I was going to do it once a week until I could run the whole thing. Well I didn’t succeed with that but I did do … Continue reading

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Worth the Weight

It was a bit cold and overcast when I got home from work today and as my shoulder was feeling a lot better I decided to try the weights session I had planned for last Monday. I used 2kg dumbbells … Continue reading

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A Dinosaur Adventure

Juneathon day 7 and the weather was so nice that we couldn’t not go out. So we jumped on a train and headed off in the direction of Crystal Palace, somewhere that despite living in London our whole lives neither … Continue reading

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I Will Get Better

I really need to get better at updating my blog on the day I do the run not the morning after, but at least I am blogging. I also need to get better at running again. Yesterdays parkrun was finished … Continue reading

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Sports Day

Yesterday afternoon was the dreaded school sports day. Well I say dreaded I actually quite enjoyed it this year. The weather was nice and the girls who were competing really gave it their all. Made for quite a nice afternoon … Continue reading

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Not running for once

Yes there was no blog yesterday but the rules of Juneathon say within 24 hours so this counts. Last night I was so tired when I got in from work and the weather so warm that I really didn’t fancy … Continue reading

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