Audiofuel and Yoga

LAst night I ran this weeks Audiofuel session. I did say last Tuesday that I was going to do it once a week until I could run the whole thing. Well I didn’t succeed with that but I did do better than last week.

After the warm up section the first sprint went really well and I was feeling good. On my second sprint I was starting to feel the effort but still kept it up. In fact I kept running until I got to the top of the pyramid. I only managed to run about half of the hardest sprint before I had to walk and continued to walk until the next sprint. Other than that I ran the whole thing though so I am clearly getting better. Also did 2.1 miles compared to last weeks 2 so must be getting there.

My shoulder has still been a bit stiff and I am holding a lot of tension in my upper back so I have decided to try to work through the 30 day yoga challenge to see if that will help. When I got home I worked through day 1 and as it was mostly focused on the legs and hips it made a great cool down session. Apparently today’s challenge will focus on the upper body so I will see if that helps at all. Though I am liking the opportunity to try different things.

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