Already Dead – Charlie Huston

Righty-ho, time for another vampire book review. I do seem to be getting though these.

Already dead is the story of vampire Joe Pitt living in New York. The city is divided up into sections dependant on what vampire clan you are part of. Much like with other gangs. Joe is unique in that he is not part of any clan and, as long as he is careful can associate with any of them. The story opens with him tracking down and killing some zombies, or shamblers as he calls them. He is then offered work by a rich woman who is worried because her daughter has run away. Although he’s not a private detective and is very much inclined to not take the job he feels he has to as she knows what he is.

I wasn’t really overly impressed with this book. But I think that was more it wasn’t my sort of thing rather than bad writing. If you like stuff about gang warfare then maybe you would enjoy it, but I found the addition of vampires was not quite enough to keep my interest. I loved the way everything panned out in the end, but the excessive use of swearing did start to get to me after a while. Yeah I know in the slums of New York it probably really is like that, it’s just not the sort of book I enjoy. Still it is nice to see something completely different being done with vampires rather than another teen romance.

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