A New PB and a PW

Friday morning I put on some lighter work clothes and grabbed my running kit. Unfortunately in my hurry to get to work I forgot my headphones. Oh well, I thought, I’ll just have to manage without them. I did run my 3 km race without them but this would be the first time I had attempted to run on my own without music. I double checked the distance on Google to make sure I knew where I should start and stop to make it 5 km. Normally I time my runs using the Couch to 5K podcast, 30mins is approximately 5 km.

Then I had an idea, I’ll just pull up RunKeeper and use that to track how far and how fast I’ve gone. Great idea, not so good in practice, after running for a few minutes with my phone in my hand stabbing at the start activity button and nothing happening I gave up, at least I knew what I was supposed to be doing. No such luck, after 2 km (and a slight hill) my legs just wouldn’t go any further and I started walking. It’s ok, I told myself I’ll just get my breath back and then I’ll start running again. No such luck, apart from one short burst of speed I walked the next 2 km. In fact I only started running again when I saw another runner (in shorts! I had been contemplating leaving my tights on under my jogging bottoms) and didn’t want to look like a complete idiot plodding along in my trainers and high-vis.

I did manage to run the last 1 km but it was hard. I think that is a new personal worst, it is certainly the quickest into a run I have given up to date, previously I have done at least 3/5 of what I set out to do before stopping.

No chance of improving this on Saturday either as we had to take Buffy to the vet. Nothing serious just fleas and a mild ear infection, but she spent the rest of the day looking decidedly sorry for herself. Though I expect I would too if I had been bundled into a cat basket before breakfast, we didn’t want her to get car sick, and then manhandled by a strange man. She’s looking much happier now, though is not impressed with her ear drops.

Sunday afternoon Bobby asked if I was going for a run. I hadn’t been planning to but thought why not. Thinking a change of tactics was required I set off to the park with the aim of doing 5 laps. (Previous best 4 and a half.) I didn’t time it, didn’t even wear my watch, I just kept going until I’d done that distance. Luckily RunKeeper decided it was going to play ball this time as you can see below, and I think that is most definitely a new personal best. Go me!

IMG 0751

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