13th Chime, 13th Moon and 18 Summers

Some more bands for you.

Ok, I know I haven’t posted any more of these since the first set, I have listened to quite a few on the list. However I am trying to space my thoughts on them out a bit so you don’t get a whole load to wodge through in one go.

So lets crack on first up are 13th Chime. Last.fm had this to say about them; “Born out of the British Punk scene: Vocalist Mick Hand, guitarist Gary O’Connor and drummer Ricki Cook were previously in The Antix while bass player Terry Taylor, played with the hard hitting three piece The Wynd-ups.” I listened to 13 tracks in total; Coffin Maker, Dug up, Cuts of Love, Cursed, Hide and Seek, Keep in Pace, Tinker Man, Fire, Two as a Couple, Sally Ditch, Sarah’s Got a Chainsaw, Radio Man, and Help Me Street.In general they made ok background listening but I’m not sure how much I’ll be listening to them in the future.

Next up is 13th Moon, or †13th Moon† to give them their proper name. Last.fm has no information on them other than the genres they fit into so I got this off their myspace. “†13th Moon† is a Deathrock/Dark Punk band,finding from the deep dungeon of foggy grave in somewhere in Tokyo, Japan.” I managed to listen to 5 of their tracks; Countdown to Suicide, Re-Dr-uM, Grave Dance, Under the Mask and 13th Moon. My initial feeling was that I wasn’t a fan. They’re not bad, just not my set of thing.

Finally 18 Summers. “18 Summers represents an independent, distinctive style, wonderful melancholy Goth Pop pearls, melodic acoustic songs but also club hits you can dance to with innovative sounds that no DJ programme should miss.” Managed to find 8 of their tracks; Down in the Park, Felix in the Sky, Sensation White, She’s Running, Girl of 18 Summers, Turn off the Radio, Phoenix From the Flames, and She’s Coming Home. Again it seems that the third band I list is my favourite. They were very easy to listen to and I will probably buy something by them in the future. I really liked Girl of 18 Summers.

More of these posts will follow over the next few days

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