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Dance of the Damned — The Vampyre ball

Last night was the Vampyre ConneXion’s Dance of the Damned or vampyre ball at The Clink prison museum.

It was appsolutlety amazin, first we walked through some of the museum to get to the hall, which has left me longing to go back and see it all again properly. The hall itself was so dark that it took everyone about 20 minutes to get their night vision, but was wonderful, the perfect venue.

I only saw the first band, The Voices of Masada but loved them, I think I’m going to have to get some of their CD’s. Then spent most of the night dancing until I was exhausted. If Wrecked is anything like this next week we’ll have a great time.

Updated: The photos can be found here, courtesy of Cecile

New Toy

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I now have my very own laptop, it’s all shiny and new and I possibly way to excited about it!

Sorry Guys…

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I didn’t get the part :(

Following a really interesting audition which involved a workshop style thing where we got to practice and then read parts I recieved an email informing me I didn’t get in.

Though Chuque told me my accent was good, I figured that it must have been good for an American to say so!

Yes I’m disappointed, but that’s the way these things go. I might still get involved backstage though.

Oh and thanks to all the people who encouraged me to go for it, I don’t think I would have without your encouragement, you know who you are.

Do I or Don’t I?

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I have recently received the details for the next Woodhouse production. Galileo by Bertolt Brecht, trans. Charles Laughton. All the details about the various parts available can be found here.

The audition is on Wednesday and will be a workshop type thing, though at the moment the main thing putting me off is the requirement to at least attempt an American accent (that and I can barely breathe at the moment due to a stinking cold!)

Then again I was put off from the panto audition by the requirement to sing and still went for it and got the best part I could have wished for, wonderful character. Thanks Rob!

What do you think?

Why is it called “Tourist Season” if we can’t shoot them?

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Following a trip to Camden on Sayurday to get some new Docs I was struck by how true this statement is. For some reason Camden seemed to have been injected with hundreds of random tourists. So firstly the place was more packed than I’ve ever seen it.

Secondly and more importantly it was packed with a load of stupid people who seemed to find everything wonderfully amusing. They milled around laughing and taking photos of anything and everything. In fact one tried to take a picture of the stall holder I was talking to, however was soon told in no uncertain terms that if you’re not going to be polite and ask then you can move on.

As she quite rightly said to me the people there pay a lot of money to have a stall, they are not a museum for you to gawp at. They are real people who should be shown that respect.

Stupid tourists

My little goth pony

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Following a very random discussion at Manda and Dave’s engagement party I decided that a My little Goth pony would be a good idea.

At long last I have found one…

More on the sex lives of bats…

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According to the Metro today the production of sperm and brain cells are both very energy demanding. Thus males cannot generate large numbers of both.

The study found that in bat species where the females were unusally promiscuous the males had much larger testicles, up to 8.5% of their body mass, as opposed to 0.02-0.75% in apes, however these males also had much smaller brains.

In species where the females were monogamous have relatively large brains.

However male promiscuity doesn’t seem to affect this at all.

And some more cute bats

Work related injuries

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I’ve had a bit of a bad week this week. On Tuesday I stabbed myself in the thumb with a screwdriver. Which still really hurts. Then later I managed to jam the same hand in a pair of pliers. Wedensday I then managed to drop a circuit board (no I don’t mean the type in your computer, its a large wooden board with pins in so the kids can make circuits) on my hand. Then later slightly burnt it on a pressure cooker, my left hand is now feeling a bit sorry for itself. Then to top things off this morning I banged my head on a cupboard door.

I’m dreading going to work tomorrow, goodness knows what I’ll do then :P

Thank you Gemma

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Gemma has drawn me a wonderful picture of Skippy.