Things I have been called

I do have a whole list of things I want to blog about, but as I hadn’t written anything in a while I thought I would share with you some of the things that people seem fit to call me or yell after me when I go out.

  • It’s not halloween – I’m guessing several of my friends have had that one
  • Harry Potter – both when wearing a cloak (ok I understand that one) and my ankle length black leather trench coat, which leads me onto;
  • The Matrix
  • Cowboy/cowgirl, random comments along these lines
  • Are you a man or a woman? – Yes people really have asked me that! Personally I love the idea of androgeny and blurring the gender lines but please, I don’t appreciate complete strangers asking me that
  • I thought you were a ghost! – My favourite and probably needs some explanation, I had just stepped off a sixteenth century bridge in a quite village wearing a wide brimmed hat and a long coat, I think that one’s understanable and she did appologise
  • Vampires! – yes that’s why I’m out in the middle of the day
  • Van Helsing – again I think it’s the hat and coat
  • Indiana Jones
  • Oh and Crocodile Dundee

Think that’s it, though I will have to find you a picture of the outfit that causes so much controversy for those of you that haven’t seen it

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One Response to Things I have been called

  1. B0atG1rl says:

    I’ve had most of these. Here are some of my responses.

    It’s not Halloween: No, I know. At Halloween I dress like you.

    The matrix: you do understand the concept of a fictional construct don’t you? Oh I’m sorry were there too many polysyllabic words in there for you?

    Cowboy/cowgirl: wrong continent, if you’re going to mock at least get your geography right.

    Are you a man or a woman: it’ll cost you at least a drink to find out.

    I thought you were a ghost/had no idea you were there: sorry, it happens. (That one’s not funny I know but I live on a boat ie dark towpaths and wear a lot of black so I’m bored of it now.)

    Vampire: Are you offering? Or occasionally yes thank-you. (Bloody Twilight.)

    I have also had:

    Lara Croft: I tend to take this one as a compliment, and offer an enigmatic smile though I suspect it’s just the sunglasses.

    And when I lived in Marylebone…

    Camden’s that way: yes, I know. They let us out once a week.

    Genuine answers 🙂 I don’t get beaten up as often as you’d think.

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