Half Marathon Training

So in case you weren’t aware, inspired by my friend, Helen, I have manged to get myself a charity place for the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October. I am running for Cat’s Protection. If you would like to sponsor me click here.

Last night the Royal Parks Foundation organised a training session for anyone who was running, so I went along and I have to say I am glad I went.

The event was very well organised, with a bag check in, rather than just leaving them in a spare room, drinks and snacks available the whole time and well led sessions.

The group I was in (we were split up and carouselled the sessions) started with a chat about nutrition, from training right through to race day and recovery, from a guy from Lucazade Sport. He did give us some useful information and some tips on the sorts of things that are good breakfasts and recovery foods, but I think it was my least favourite of the sessions. Not that it was bad, it was just not as good as the others.

Then we had a strength exercises session, where we were talked through different exercises we can do to improve our running strength. This was really helpful, even if it did make me feel ridiculously unfit. Even though there were 7 of us in the group I’m sure we all felt that we were given plenty of one to one attention to help us get the moves right.

Then we had a yoga stretching session. This was better than I was expecting.The guy running this took us through some yoga poses specifically designed to help stretch out the muscles in our legs to stop them seizing up. He was very good at explaining what each stretch was for and how it could help us. He also spoke to me afterwards about my hyperflexible joints and how I should be careful with them.

After a quick chat about pacing and how to maintain a good, steady pace. Which was a lot more useful than it sounds, I promise. We were split into two groups (one fast, one slower) to go out for a 5k run round the park with a pacer to see how we did. I decided to push myself so went with the harder group. The pacer was really friendly and chatted to us on the way round, even giving me some tips on breathing when I started to flag a little.

Afterwards there were a nice selection of freebies to take home, I do like me some freebies. I think that the evening was well worth the £20 I paid for it and if you get the chance to go to one in the future I highly recommend it.



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4 Responses to Half Marathon Training

  1. Helen says:

    I was interested in going to one of these, it sounds informative and like really good value! I like the fact that it sounds like the trainers took an interest in you individually, rather than one size fits all.

  2. Excellent work, well done. Beware of anyone coming to talk nutrition with an agenda, I’m quite sure you know that anyway. Love your positivity and enthusiasm! Good Luck!

    • Loupie says:

      Yes was aware of that, this guy did seem to be better than most though. He specifically said not to use Lucozade if it didn’t work for us.

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