Going the extra mile

This evening was interesting. Hadn’t gone very far when I bumped into a man walking his husky coming the other way. The dog was clearly excited and the man started saying to me; “don’t run, don’t run.”


Yes I did slow down until I was past but I am still not happy about it. Why should I have to stop running. It should be your responsibility to control your dog. Not having it on an idiot flexi-lead would have been a start. Or at least making some effort to reprimand it. Failing that if you know it’s going to be a problem then don’t walk it when there are going to be runners around. If I was out a lot later I could understand it, but it was 6pm when I left the house. Did see two other runners when I was out. Neither high-fived me though.

Training plan had said to do two miles. I was feeling brave and did three.

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6 Responses to Going the extra mile

  1. I find it ridiculous that someone would walk a dog, with issues like that. Wouldn’t it make sense to train the dog BEFORE you bring it out in public? Or when he saw you, to step a ways away from the sidewalk?

    I bet HE didn’t high-five you either…

  2. There should definitely be a rule that at this time of year all runners high five cos they might be Janathoners unaware. Nice looking dog though!

  3. Fitflo says:

    totally agree it’s the owners responsibility not yours, well done on pushing for the extra mile at this stage in Janathon!

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